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Lake Geneva

About The Lake

Lake Geneva is a large thirty five acres plus lake, with depths down to twenty feet. This is a mixed fishery with Bream, Tench, Pike, Roach and Rudd available, but the main attraction of this lake is our predominent Carp. Lake Geneva is where all our big Carp reside, and over the years we have had some real whoppers rear their heads in this lake.

A fantastic day can be had at this lake and who knows, maybe you'll be next find that big catch and break one of our records.

The Fish

In the image slideshow to the left you can see some of the residents of this fabulous fishery.

Carp - A very good stock of quality fish. Catches are dominated by twenties and thirty pound fish. The lake record stands at 47lb 12oz. This will surely be beaten this season!

Rudd - 2lb Plus Rudd have been caught by the Carp Anglers, very few people actually fish for them.

Bream - Again very few anglers fish for this species but specimens in excess of 15lb have been caught by the Carp-boys.

Tench - Again very few anglers fish for this species but specimens in excess of 10lb have been caught by the Carp-boys.

Pike - This lake must hold some really good Pike but seems to only produce to mid-double figures; The odd fish scrapping the twenty barrier. A venue with very little pressure that needs to be unlocked to realise it's real potential

Roach - 2lb Plus Roach have been caught by the Carp Anglers, very few people actually fish for them.

Season 2020-21

This season we have seen the site Carp record moving up ever closer to the magical 50lbs. The season has been very good with the lakes producing quality fish throughout the year. Fenn Lake is always popular and with good reason; again, consistently producing Carp to mid thirties and Cats to over seventy pounds makes this a real gem of a water. Dougís Lake is always good for some float fishing for Tench between 2 Ė 3lb, and quality Rudd, good sport indeed. Willow Pool is still a good bet for a bend in the rod from its many double figure Carp. Although a mixed fishery, most people target the pondís Carp population. Johnís Pond is a difficult water all species but, having said that, it has produced Bream to twelve pounds plus, Tench over ten pounds, Cats to nearly fifty pounds and Carp to mid thirties. Lake Geneva is a mixed fishery although mostly targeted for its Carp. Roach and Rudd to over two and a half pounds, Bream to fourteen pounds, Tench over ten pounds and a twenty pound Pike have all been showing throughout the season. As for the Carp, loads of twenty and thirty-pound fish have been reported right from the start of the season to the end. The Carp record stands at 47lb 12oz caught by Wayne B at the end of last season. Lake Geneva North has not had much attention this year but has produced Pike to twenty pounds and Carp to nineteen pound, a little more regular activity on this venue and I am sure we will see those weights rise dramatically.

This season will see the introduction of defined swims on Lake Geneva. This is the first version of how the swims are determined and an indication of the contours of the lake.