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John's Pond

About The Lake

Johns Pond is a two acre pond, sitting at fourteen feet deep. In this fishery you will find predominently Big Bream and Tench, along with a few Carp, Pike and Wels Catfish available as well. This pond can offer a great days fishing to those looking to lure out some of the bigger Bream and Tench available and has seen some great specimens landed in the past.

The Fish

In the image slideshow to the right you can see some of the residents of this fabulous fishery.

Bream - A large shoal of big Bream patrol this lake with specimens ranging from 5lb to 13lb. Rolling fish at dawn and dusk usually give their locations away.

Tench - Again the Tench appear to patrol in groups of similar sized fish; with fish from 3lb to 10lb regularly landed

Wels Catfish - A stock of 15 kittens were stocked in the nineties; these fish are now nudging the 40lb barrier.

Pike - Many Jacks to mid-doubles, great fun on spinners or lures

Carp - A few fish have escaped into this lake over the years from Willow Pool, and can now be seen cruising the margins.The largest landed to date is a 34lb Mirror. So this lake is well worth a look if you want a change from the big lakes.