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Doug's Lake

About The Lake

Dougs Lake is a one and a half acre lake and is about ten feet deep, the margins are fringed by reeds lilies, trees and bushes giving great character to this lovely little fishery. This lake is predominently inhabited by Tench and Rudd with a few Bream and Perch as well, giving it a nice variety. In the early 90's Crucian Carp were stocked in Doug's lake and on rare occasions some are still caught here. A number of fishing platforms allow good access to this fishery where floatfishing between one and three rod lengths out is the most popular method of fishing.

The Fish

In the image slideshow to the right you can see some of the residents of this fabulous fishery.

Tench - The Tench fishing in this lake is on occasions fast and furious, with a superb head of fish in the 1lb to 3lb range multiple catches are common.The larger Tench sneak up and surprise you while catching the smaller fish , and fish of 7lb to 8lb are not unheard of.

Rudd - The most beautiful of species with golden flanks and deep red fins, these fish are great sport always willing to feed on the drop and the extensive shoals in this lake produce some memorable days fishing, with Rudd between 4oz and 1 1/2lb enjoy the sport.

Bream - A few Bream frequent this fishery, their size ranges from 1lb to 9lb and are usually picked up while fishing for the larger Tench.

Perch - The stripey cavaliers can usually be tempted with worm, again with fish between 4oz and 1 1/2lb you can have some great sport with these lovely creatures.

Crucian Carp - We stocked this lake with one hundred half pound Crucians in 1994, very few of these fish have been seen over the years, but every now and then someone turns up a fish of a few ounces up to two pound. This species is a delicate feeder and the small bait offerings required to tempt these fish are also accepted readily by the Rudd before the Crucians can grab them.