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This season Fenn Lake produced two big surprises in the shape of a pair of Wels Catfish. The site record was smashed by the regular lump (White Fin) at a massive 56lb 8oz. Two weeks later Mark Horton landed a different fish to blow that one away, at 60lb 2oz. Lots of nice Carp have come from Lake Geneva and Fenn Lake this season but, although we haven’t had any new records reported, the big mirror of last season (the 45lb’er) did make an appearance soon after spawning and with no food in its stomach still weighed in at an impressive 41lb plus. We are looking forward to it being caught before the season closes with its winter weight.
This season we changed the allocation of night permits, splitting between premium and standard equally. It had the desired effect of easing the pressure on Lake Geneva in the summer and, with the causeway out of bounds for much of that time, there was plenty of space for everyone. Season 2017/18 will see a shorter dig and therefore the access to the causeway less of an issue. With this in mind, and the fact we very rarely experience a full house on Geneva, we have decided to release a few more premium permits this season. The planned dig is due to start in April and conclude in the middle of June therefore only impacting us in the first two or three weeks of the season, weather permitting. Please note - the causeway closures still apply to all personnel on site.
We will continue to have 150 night fishing permits available as previous seasons and will remain split into two categories:- a Premium permit and a Standard permit. However, the numbers of each will change thereby allowing for an increase in the number of premium permits. Day permits will be available as usual.
This season, we will be issuing 100 Premium night fishing permits which will allow unrestricted access to all the lakes (including Lake Geneva) and the river for the whole season for a cost of £300. All existing members can renew their premium permits they currently hold, by post before 18th March 2017. After this date, any permits not renewed will be offered to the waiting list and then sent out to the tackle shops.
Existing members can apply for an upgrade to a premium permit by ticking the appropriate box on the renewal form. The first 25 received by me will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis.
We will be issuing 50 Standard night fishing permits. These permits will allow the member to fish any of the lakes (except for Lake Geneva in peak times) and the river. Peak times means the period from 1st June to 30th September and 1st March to 31st March inclusive. The cost of this permit will be £200.
The 100 Day permits will remain the same price at £100 and allow access to all the lakes and river as previous years. As before, the times of access will change during British Summer Time when day permit holders are not allowed on Lake Geneva until one hour after dawn and must be off the lake at least one hour before dusk. During GMT dawn to dusk will apply as usual to all the fisheries.
Last season we changed and tightened the fishery rules and I am pleased to say only one person was caught breaking the rules and that person had his permit taken for the rest of the season. So, please read the attached information carefully; you will be accepting to abide by these rules in full when you purchase a permit for Nar Valley Fisheries. No excuses will be accepted for not understanding the rules. If you have any queries please ask for clarity before you fish. Again, this season, we intend not to give out warnings of behaviour or breach of the rules. Anyone reprimanded will be asked to leave the fishery immediately and their permit permanently withdrawn without refund.

Season 2017/18 Prices (1st June 2017 to 31st March 2018)

All members, guests and visitors must carry photographic ID at all times when on site
  • Full member fishing dawn to dusk only                   £100.00
  • Junior, OAP, Disabled dawn to dusk only                   £80.00
  • Premium Full member with night fishing                   £300.00
  • Premium Junior,OAP, Disabled with night fishing      £240.00
  • Standard Full member with night fishing                    £200.00
  • Standard Junior,OAP, Disabled with night fishing      £160.00
  • Only 150 night fishing permits are available for 2017/18 season (100 Premium and 50 Standard)
All permits must carry a passport photo of the holder.

Guest tickets are available.
  • Guest ticket price - £10 per 12 hours, no restriction on night fishing
Hobbs Lake Trout Season 2017 Prices

All members, guests and visitors must carry photographic ID at all times when on site
  • Adult Season permit (50 fish limit per annum)(4 fish limit per day)        £300.00
  • Junior Season permit (25 fish limit per annum)(2 fish limit per day)   £150.00
All permits must carry a passport photo of the holder. FOR A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM OR TO GAIN FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE FISHERIES CONTACT chris@gaytonroadfisheries.co.uk

  • We will be putting the remaining permits for sale in the local tckle shops very soon.

  • Fish Prices:
    (Available from Gayton Road Fisheries)
    All fish are subject to availability.
    • English Bred Wels Catfish: Reared from our own brood stock.
    • This species requires approval from CEFAS before stocking.
    • Carp (Common, Mirror, Leather)
    • Bream
    • Tench
    • Roach and Rudd
    • Prices and availability on request.
    • Water Lilies
    • £5.00 per root
    • Transport charges are £2 per mile from Gayton Road Fisheries (charged one way only)