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Previous Fisheries Report

Fisheries Report for 2010-11

Last Update - 4/04/11

Ben Barham with the latest record Carp - 36lb 2oz

Billy McGivern's New complex record Carp - 35lb 6oz

2010/11 Carp
Twenty-o-meter 153
Thirty-o-meter 10

Last seasons total - 10 - 30's. 151 - 20's

Best seasons total - 10 - 30's. 151 - 20's (2009/10)

Regular Reports

04/04/11 The last few days of the Nar Valley fisheries season continued to turn up some big fish from Lake Geneva. In the final 24 hours Paul Bone managed to bank a personal best Mirror Carp of 30lb, whilst Bailiff Johnny Owen banked his own personal best fish, again a Mirror Carp of 29lb 8oz. Member should have claimed their new permit by now. All unsold permits will be on sale in the local tackle shops from Good Friday (22nd April) on a first come first served basis

21/03/11 Phil Lee is top rod again at Nar Valley Fisheries. Another two twenty pound plus fish in a session, the best a superb 29lb 8oz Common Carp. The fish was landed by Phil as his colleague Aaron Nolan was slipping the net under a 28 pounder.

15/03/11 At Nar Valley Fisheries the Carp fishing has been very good for this time of year. Top rod of the moment is Phil Lee who has tackled Lake Geneva, in his last two sessions he has landed nine Carp including seven twenty pound plus fish. His best fish was a superb Mirror Carp of 28lb

27/02/11 In recent weeks sport at the Nar Valley Fisheries complex has progressively improved. The Carp anglers have been braving the elements and rewarded with a number of twenty pound plus fish to 26lb from both Lake Geneva and Fenn Lake.

01/12/10 In the week before the current cold snap, Phil Lee and Darren Francis set up on Nar Valley Fisheries Lake Geneva for a two day session. The Carp were still on the feed with Phil taking the largest fish, a Common of 27lb 8oz. While Darren Landed a 24lb Mirror Carp and a lovely 18lb Common Carp. The prospects look good for continued action once the fisheries thaw out again.

09/11/10 Nar Valley Fisheriesí Lake Geneva continues to throw up some quality Carp. Regular member Phil Lee has added another mid-twenty to his impressive list for this season, a lovely Mirror of 25lb. The best reported fish of the week was landed by Simon Bush of Anglers Corner, a superb Common Carp of 28lb 4oz.

26/10/10 Another two thirty pound plus Carp have been reported from the Nar Valley Fisheries complex this week. Lake Geneva is the water on form, Mr Good banked a superb Mirror of 32lb during the week. Phil Lee had the best bag of the week, a three fish catch with Carp of 31lb, 28lb, and 24lb. Mark Thorpe fished Fenn lake landing a number of Carp including fish of 25lb and 18lb.

11/10/10 Another report, and another big fish catch from Nar Valley Fisheries. This week is the turn of Ben Barham again. Back in August Ben set a new complex Carp record with a Common of 36lb 2oz. During his last two sessions on Lake Geneva he has banked Commons of 29lb and 25lb 8oz and Mirrors of 29lb, 28lb, 28lb, 24lb and a superb fish of 32lb, the largest reported mirror of the season so far.

04/10/10 The recent change in the weather has not dampened the spirit of the regulars at the Nar Valley Fisheries complex. The Lake Geneva causeway is open again, and the Carp are still feeding well. Phil Dix has been having a good season with a number of twenty pound Carp from Lake Geneva to 25lb, but he will certainly think twice about inviting his wife Alison along to join him. Alison hooked and lost her first run of the session when the fish found a weedbed. The second run resulted in a 25 minute fight and turned out to be a superb 31lb 4oz Mirror Carp, the largest reported Mirror this season. Fenn Lake continues to produce some nice Carp with this weeks best a 22lb Common.

20/09/10 The Nar Valley Fisheries complex continues to produce quality Carp fishing for it's members. This week saw the Fenn Lake Common Carp record tumble with the first thirty pound fish from this water. Tom Anderson banked the superb 30lb 2oz Common while fishing a mid-week session. Lake Geneva has chalked up another four reported twenties to 29lb to add to the seasons total of 84 so far. The Bream and Tench of John's Pond are feeding well with fish to 9lb and 6lb respectively making up the catches

13/09/10 This week the total number of reported twenty pound plus Carp caught at Nar Valley Fisheries this season has passed the 80 mark. Another four twenty pound Carp have been added to the total, Mark Thorpe landed another 20lb plus Common Carp from Fenn Lake. While Phil Lee banked Common Carp of 28lb and 16lb, followed by a Mirror of 24lb during his session on Lake Geneva. The fourth fish also came from Lake Geneva, a superb Common Carp of 21lb 8oz was netted by bailiff Fred Marchant

07/09/10 This week at Nar Valley Fisheries, Lake Geneva continues to produce some good Carpfishing with a further four twenty pound plus fish banked. The best fish of the week is a personnel best Mirror Carp of 28lb 8oz landed by new member Martin Chandler.

30/08/10 Yet another record Carp from the Nar Valley Fisheries complex. The complex Carp record has again been broken with a superb Common Carp of 36lb 2oz, the captor Ben Barham recently joined the fishery and landed the fish from the west end of Lake Geneva. A different fish to the recent fish banked three weeks ago, means this fishery is well worth a visit for the serious specialist angler, a few night fishing permits are available from local tackle shops. Fenn lake is also worth a go as Mark Thorpe will testify landing two twenty pound Carp and a 5lb Bream in a session.

22/08/10 The Carp continue to feed in Nar Valley Fisheries Lake Geneva, the problem is landing the fish through the weed in some areas, which is slowly reducing. The best reported Carp of the week is a lovely 25lb Mirror landed by Eric Yeoman. Bream and Tench are moving well in Johnís Pond. Fenn lake is worth a go for the Carp and Catfish.

08/08/10 Only a few anglers have found a way to beat the weed in Nar Valley Fisheries Lake Geneva and a new complex record Carp for Billy McGivern proves it can be done. After losing the big fish title 3 years ago Billy has grabbed back the top honours with a superb Common Carp of 35lb 6oz, along with a 24lb Mirror rounding off a good weekend. During the week Phil Vickers and Tim Smith had an eventful session with a bag of fish including four twenty pound plus Carp to 25lb. A 22lb Mirror for bailiff Johnny Owen has moved the reported number of twenty pound plus Carp from the complex for the season to 50, not including two fish over thirty. Very few Carp are feeding in Fenn lake but Jimmy Clarke and Phil Dix have found the Wels catfish more amenable, the best fish fell to Phil at 18lb 15oz.

27/07/10 The Carp fishing has been very steady this week on Lake Geneva of the Nar Valley Fisheries complex, which has produced itís first thirty pounder of the season. Darren Francis banked the superb Mirror Carp of exactly 30lb and backed it up with a 23lb 10oz Wels Catfish from Fenn lake.

13/07/10 The hot weather has slowed sport on the Nar Valley Fisheries complex during the day, forcing the fish to feed early morning and late evening. A number of anglers have taken advantage of these feeding windows to create some good catches. Neil Gibson from Adelade, South Australia fished Johnís Pond to land Tench to 5lb and Bream to 8lb before turning to Dougís lake where he had a large number of Tench in the 8oz to 3lb range on the pole. A nice run of Carp from Fenn lake to various members was topped by a superb Common Carp of 24lb caught by Steve Wallace. Lake Geneva continues to produce some good Carp fishing with a number of twenties being banked, Tim Smith netted two nice low twenties to add to this total during his last weekend session.

21/06/10 The weather has changed, the wind was very cold and from the North last weekend, despite this the Carp in Nar Valley Fisheriesí Lake Geneva continued to feed. Many anglers battled with the wind and the subsequent drifting weed but the group fishing the sheltered causeway managed to add another four twenty pound plus Carp to the seasons total, their best fish tipped the scales at 26lb.

14/06/10 Another good week for the anglers at Nar Valley Fisheries. Returning members Phil Lee and Darren Francis, after a four year break , continued their previous successes with sixteen Carp between them from Lake Geneva, including seven twenties. Phil landed the lionís share of the catch with twelve fish, he banked five twenty pound Carp headed by a fish of 22lb 12oz, whilst Darren caught fish to 22lb 8oz. Bream to 8lb and Tench to 5lb 8oz have been reported from Johnís Pond.

06/06/10 The new season at Nar Valley Fisheries opened on 1st June and has resulted in some very good catches. The Carp appeared to be chasing around in all the lakes in the preliminaries to spawning, this activity put off a good number of our members, but those that stayed to fish managed to put ten twenty pounders on the bank. Dougís Lake is producing some good bags of Tench in the 1lb to 5lb range. The largest Carp of the week was caught from the smallest lake and stands as a new lake record, Nigel Hayden landed the fish a 25lb Mirror Carp from Willow pool in amongst a tidy catch of doubles. Two twenty pound Common Carp started David Hennellís season in the right manner, 24lb 14oz and 21lb 3oz fron Lake Geneva. The best fish from Fenn Lake were two twenty-two pound Carp. A 10lb 8oz Bream for Mark Thorpe, also from Fenn Lake, has crowned an excellent opening week.

This Seasons Best From Each Lake
  Fenn Lake Dougs Lake Willow Pool Johns Pond Lake Geneva
Carp (common) 30lb 2oz L/R   18lb 0oz   35lb 6oz C/R
Carp (mirror) 26lb 8oz   25lb 0oz L/R   32lb 0oz
Tench   5lb 0oz 4lb 0oz 7lb 4oz  
Bream 11lb 0oz     11lb 8oz 10lb 8oz
Golden Tench          
Wels Catfish 21lb 10oz L/R     23lb 10oz C/R  
Crucian Carp